Wednesday, 19 January 2011

I am very excited to announce...

...the arrival of the new Boudoir Blush website!

Nearly 4 years ago, my sister opened a very sophisticated lingerie boutique in our home town of Winchester. It specialises in incredible customer service, luxurious yet affordable products and a place to go if you feel like being indulged. Now, you can have this same experience on the website!

There's a whole variety of things to choose from; lingerie, swimwear, toys, loungewear, nightwear, menswear and even candles, slippers and gift vouchers. The photos above are just an example of some of the beautiful pieces you can get, and because it comes from just a small boutique, you know that it's been painstakingly chosen for you, the customer.

Ladies, listen up, 80% of women wear the wrong size bra, follow some of these tips to see if you need to get measured!

  • If the strap that sits on your back rides up or is curved on your back, it's too big. This strap should sit nice and straight. If it's curving, go down a back size!
  • Your bra should feel nice and snug on the first (loosest) hook. After a while, through regular use and washing, the material will give, once it doesn't feel snug anymore, go in one hook and so on, until you're on the last one. When you're on the last, you need a new bra!
  • The edge of the underwire of the bra (under the cup) should line up with your armpit, if it's in front of that, you're wearing the wrong cup size.
  • Never, EVER, wear a white bra under a white top. It shines through like a beacon. If you're going to wear white, you must wear a nude bra underneath, and make sure it's smooth!
  • Don't put on a bra that's too small to make your boobs look bigger, if you're wearing the right size, it'll flatter your chest as it is.
  • Don't pick at the 'fat' that may come over the side of the bra. It's not fat, it's tissue, every woman no matter how big or small has it. If you're concerned that you can see it underneath the clothes you wear, maybe you're wearing the wrong material or size, it's not the bra.
  • The fit of various brands will fit differently. Some you may find come up small or big, sometimes it's the material too (for example, lace isn't particularly stretchy). Remember, if you go down in the back size, you'll go up in the cup size and vice versa. For example, a 32D is the equivalent as a 30DD.
  • You're allowed to indulge every so often. Don't look at the price and walk away, you'll probably spend more replacing cheap bras than indulging in one more expensive set.
  • Have fun! Knowing you're wearing something sexy under your clothes will make you feel good all day!

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